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Case Study: STEaM BFA

Defining a new technology-shaping major that positions the college as central to the tech design industry

A crack team of security, privacy experts, and engineers in California founded Wickr with a mission to bring top-secret "spy tools" to the mainstream with a purpose of defending the fundamental human right of private communication. Kristian began working with Wickr in 2015 just after they received their series B funding. The executive board had given Wickr feedback that in order to grow, they needed to evolve their design to be more appealing to mainstream and enterprise users. 

To help them scale, Kristian worked as a virtual design executive and first led an UX audit. We found that the original red "fuse" oriented branding had taken them to where they were, but was not going to fuel the next level of growth. Following executive buy-in on the issues, we launched re-branding, UX redesign effort. We started by supplementing their technical team with world-class design consultants with experience at from IDEO, Google, and Airbnb. Soon after we designed an RFP for re-branding and interviewed several world-class design firms, selecting the fantastic boutique design firm Daylight. Daylight helped Wickr re-brand from a Rogue-branded startup to a trustworthy enterprise offering that endeavors to deliver great design that is on par with great engineering. In the last phase we helped Wickr bring on great talent as full-time team members. 

Kristian continues as an advisor to Wickr, continually working to create a world-class UX offering and grow the company's capacity for impact through better design. 


Let me commend you, Kristian, for the fantastic work you have done in developing a new program from the ground up including the provision of outstanding vision and leadership, excellence in faculty hiring and support, and superb administrative acumen and collaboration with admissions, communications, and advancement.”
— Melanie Corn, CCA Provost


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