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Innovation workshops = Collective Creativity in action

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Want to increase your impact through innovation?

Want to do something big done in a short amount of time?

Do you need the right structure and facilitation to unlock your collective ? Whether a few focused hours or a multi-day workshop, you’ll do incredible work when given the proper structure and focused time.

Your goals define the workshop content. All workshops end with actionable next steps. Investing in a workshop aligns teams to grow impact through customer-centric methods. Longer workshops are designed to produce a vision and develop that into a roadmap or product backlog.

  • Product/service visioning

  • Roadmap development

  • Design Thinking

  • UX Training

  • Wicked problems

  • Strategy


In my partnership with the rapidly growing startup Handshake, Kristian led a series of innovation workshops around the country to help us define the future of early talent recruiting with senior HR professionals, a group not usually tasked with creative innovation. It was exciting to partner with Kristian as he was able to lead this group step by step to bring everyone along and develop ideas that inspired us all.
— Mike Dulworth, Executive Networks President


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INNovation = Applied Invention

Innovation is just invention that solves a problem for someone. Our methods bring out your customers’ needs. We endeavor to make workshops engaging and fun, because amazing things happen when people bring more of themselves to their work.

For example, Kristian has pioneered techniques of BodyStorming (read more here). Follow leaders like P&G, Microsoft, SAP, NOKIA, FBI, NIH, Fujitsu, Stanford, and Berkeley who have incorporated these engaged methods into the way they work. P&G decided to innovate at scale when they grew the Gym Innovation Center to each of their worldwide headquarters

Can you spot the Fortune 500 executives in the photos?

“I have been facilitating teams for over 20 years and every time it brings me great joy to witness people surprising themselves by unlocking their creativity. When people are enabled to break their routines and become creative together, they also become joyful and create actionable impact. I believe this kind of Innovation is key to changing the world.” - Kristian Simsarian




We strive for transparent pricing. Fees for workshops are generally a flat rate per day. We offer half- to three- day workshops.

The fee depends on the goal of the workshop and the travel time from San Francisco. Included in fees are prep time, bespoke workshop design, workshop delivery, and most materials. Space rental and catering are generally not included.

If you are a non-profit, please ask about the sliding scale fees based on your organization’s size.