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Kristian is a one-man multi-disciplinary team, with a deep understanding of human-computer interaction, broad interests in the learning process, and fluency in the freewheeling language of improvisation.
— Tom Kelley, Ten Faces of Innovation
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Kristian Simsarian, Founder

Kristian is an award-winning designer, educator and leader. Kristian started his career in architecture and switched to engineering because of his excitement about the future of technology. He earned several degrees in technology and engineering while also bridging the human world of psychology.

Early in his career, Kristian did research stints at Columbia University, University of Virginia, University of Edinburgh, University of Chicago, and finishing his Ph.D. in Human-robot collaboration and artificial intelligence from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. While at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science in the 1990's he founded and led a research group to explore human-machine interfaces in robotics, speech, gestures, virtual reality and augmented reality, thus predicting the importance of these technologies today.

In 2000, he was invited to join IDEO putting him on the forefront of industrial innovation where, as an Associate Partner, he co-founded and led the software experience business unit and stayed for 18 years continuing as an IDEO Fellow and Advisor. Along the way was invited back to academia to create a 21st-century curriculum to teach a new generation to innovate with design, resulting in award-winning and thriving BFA and Masters programs.

Currently, he serves as an advisor to several Bay Area organizations, is a professor at the California College of the Arts in the program he created. In 2018 he founded a new consulting business to help promote collaborative innovation and creativity as a guiding framework in the industry and beyond. He calls this Collective Creativity.


Select Clients & Affiliations

  • Business: Microsoft, SAP, Nokia, Samsung, AT&T, P&G, FBI, NIH

  • Educational: California College of the Arts, Stanford, Berkeley, U. Connecticutt, Deerfield Academy

  • Wickr (Advisor)

  • Greater Good Science Center (advisor)

  • Center for Humane Technology (early advisor)


Why Collective Creativity?

In these divided times with increased climate instability, globalization, disruptive technologies, and the collapse of central government, I see a need for more creativity and less fight, flight or freeze. I formed Collective Creativity with a sincere belief that working together toward wise technological innovation is a key to creating a better world.
— Kristian Simsarian
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Your Future Story

You can create impact by bringing the right people together, align them around compelling purpose and social need, unlocking creativity, and removing the barriers. Collective Creativity helps organizations navigate this terrain. 


Navigating technology together

Everywhere, organizations are facing more complex challenges and more complicated technology. There is no organization on the planet that does not need to evolve because of technology. Every day, new organizations are starting up to meet these challenges by harnessing these technologies. You can see technology as a threat or an opportunity; the more powerful choice is to see technology as an opportunity. Savvy organizations are calling for more collaboration and more creativity. We can help you bring your full collective creativity to overcome your challenges and meet your mission.