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Starting up: Omada Health

Helping a design-led health startup grow its team

One out of three Americans will die prematurely from a condition that’s mostly related to lifestyle, habit, or circumstance. Omada Health uses behavior science to help people change their habits, improve their health and reduce their risk of chronic disease.Today Omada is a known as a pioneering leader in digital behavioral medicine.

In 2011 when founders Adrian James and Sean Duffy contacted Kristian to help develop their digital strategy, Omada was simply two amazing designers with a big dream. Kristian worked with the founders to understand their vision and help them craft the early design roles they would need to make Omada successful. Beyond the job descriptions, Kristian helped them reach out to his network of experts and find the people they were necessary to take their dream to the next stage. 

Today in 2018, Omada is a market leader of digital design-led behavioral health with over 200 employees, more than $125M in funding and growing multimillion dollar revenues. Getting those first few hires right is critical. Kristian founded Collective Creativity to help exactly these kinds of purpose-driven organizations amplify their social impact and succeed in business.

In the early days of Omada, Kristian helped us strategize on our approach to UX, visual, and brand design. His assistance saved us from going down unproductive paths and he helped generate leads for talented contractors and hires.
— Adrian James, Omada Health Co-founder


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